Beliefs for Inspired Living

“Bears”, Barry Neil Kaufman, Teacher, Author, & Co-Founder of The Option Institute, takes questions from participants in The Option Institute’s programs.

make_believe1. Everything Is Make Believe (And Every Belief Has A Destination)

We are designed to create beliefs in order to make sense of the world. What you believe forms your experience. Where do you want to go? (5:06)


bears_sam_waves2. Relationship Building (The Liberation From Owning Our Unhappiness)

Hear how Bears and Samahria used The Option Process Dialogue to save their marriage and transform their lives from misery to joy and delight.(14:32)


happy_couple3. No More Unhappiness Training (Breaking The Mold Now)

Why people are resistant to happiness.(12:22)


bears_teach_qa4. Uprooting Beliefs That Bury Us (Designing New Beliefs For A New Life)

Bears talks about powerful ways to change beliefs and change your life.(5:31)


dialogue_25. Dialogues For Change
(To Explore With Clear Intention)

How to be a Power Explorer in an Option Process Dialogue – the power of intention.(4:40)


sam_bathroom6. Inspired Living (Acceptance With Determined Action)

When Bears and Samahria brought their son, Raun, out of autism, they spent hundreds of hours working with him without expectations. Bears talks about how they found heaven in a bathroom.(14:40)


love_everyone7. Love As Action/Making It Easy (Unhappiness Is The Hard Work)

Love can be experienced in a moment. It doesn’t have to take time. Bears defines love, tells stories, and clarifies how we can love everyone.(20:51)


self_judge8. On The Purpose of Self-Judgment (The Good News & 5 Transforming Questions

It’s OK to judge yourself. Is there another way you’d like to do it? Learn how.(6:33)


couple9. Letting Go in Relationships & Parenting
(Conflicts/Consequence As Gifts: The Story of Ravi)

Bears talks about his philosophy of Love, Guide and Let Go with children and with partners through sharing deeply personal stories about his own father and one of his sons. (19:26)


sam_boy10. Focus On What Matters To You (Son-Rise Program As A Lesson In Living Your Dream)

Bears shares some of the challenges he faced when The Son-Rise Program first became public and how he and Samahria went on to live their dreams.(15:02)

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