Son-Rise Program Wide Awake

Son-Rise Program Wide Awake

Son-Rise Program Wide Awake

Son-Rise Program parents and volunteers, you already know that you are most effective in your Son-Rise Program when you are totally comfortable and positive in your attitude. Here’s your chance to take that attitude to entirely new heights. Son-Rise Wide Awake, is a non-stop roller-coaster ride… challenging, thrilling, exhilarating. You’ll challenge your core beliefs, your everyday MO, your very foundation and come out clearer, stronger and wiser. This is the first time this powerful course has ever been offered, and it will be led By Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman the Co-Creator of The Son-Rise Program® and Co-Founder of the Autism Treatment Center of America™.

Come together as a diverse group of people who share some things that have profoundly changed our lives: our special child or children and The Son-Rise Program. On the first day we’ll look around and see a few familiar faces, and many new ones. Within hours, certainly by the second day, this high flame program will empower us to reach out, hold hands, and together, jump into a safety net of our own creation. As the week continues, we’ll dare ourselves to meet our biggest internal challenges head-on so that we can engage our biggest external We are a professional company supplying the latest We’ll shoot for nothing less than the best version of ourselves–for ourselves, for our families and for our children.

What makes Son-Rise Wide Awake like no other program offered at The Option Institute:

Bears: Taught almost exclusively by our Co-Founder Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman in a style all his own – dramatic, feisty, fast-paced and daring, with jump-off-the-cliff improvised group dynamics combined with deep acceptance, warmth and love. Seven out of nine sessions are 100% “off-curriculum”.

Intense: Our most challenging group dynamics and teaching designs, the format is fast-paced, intensely authentic, original and daring.
Ready To Rock and Roll: Designed for the most advanced Son-Rise Program students, this program is for exceptionally motivated,  daring and passionate participants – no observers allowed.
Inspirational: Stretch the envelope, making your “vision to live by” deeper, stronger and more concrete,  profound changes to your time in the playroom.
Powerful: Use deep insights into yourself to fire up your level of comfort and empowerment in working with your family and your  volunteers.
Dynamic: A brand new program design every year.

As a special bonus, Son-Rise Wide Awake will include two Q&A sessions with Bryn Hogan, Executive Director and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, Co-Creator and Co-Founder. So bring along your questions, challenges and areas where you’d like special support.

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