Who Are You & What Is Your Purpose?

Who Are You & What Is Your Purpose

Who Are You & What Is Your Purpose?

Answer Life’s Crucial Questions

Do you want to achieve a deep sense of personal clarity and direction? Do you ever find yourself ask-ing “Why am I in this relationship?”, “Where am I going with my career?”, “Who am I really as a mom or dad?” or even “What’s my mission in this life?” Many people ask these questions, but few create meaningful and lasting answers for themselves.

Now is your chance to do just that. In this meditative, contemplative program, you will have the opportunity to finally answer the most fundamental life questions. You will be guided through introspective activities, in-depth discussions and our unique meditation experiences to uncover the core of who you really are, who you want to be and what direction truly fits your life purpose.

Take this special time for yourself to:

  • Get clear direction and purposein the key areas of your life
  • Uncover and discard limiting beliefswhich hold you back from seeing who you are and creating your purpose
  • Enjoy highly experiential classesthat allow you to see the world in a whole new light
  • Clarify your spiritual beliefsthrough a playful yet challenging discussion method
  • Recover from challenging timesby creating a positive view of yourself and a purpose-driven way forward
  • Experience our Activa Meditationa unique meditative experience that involves deep meditation though action

My experience here was one of coming home. The thoughts, beliefs, concepts are ones I had once embraced wholeheartedly but somewhere along the journey I lost my capacity to feel hope. I don’t beat myself up anymore about this – I am busy celebrating that, wherever it went, it came back to me this week. Now I can only appreciate that I had more to learn – perhaps more compassion for those I used to pity or believe could just snap out of it if they really tried. Perhaps it was worth the dark days to learn a deeper level of compassion and humility. Whatever the purpose, I take these learnings with me and leave the negative behind.

– Linda Cone, Psychotherapist, Texas


Life-changing and uplifting… The amazement of going from an angry, bitter person to a soft, gentle, loving, accepting and – oh wow! – free, peaceful, and happy person! I was skeptical that I could change my life in 1 week but, hey, I did and I’m amazingly grateful. Do you know how powerful it feels to know peace, happiness and freedom? It’s the greatest gift I ever gave myself – I wish this for everyone in the world

– Marylene Labrie, Catering Director, Canada


I continue to be amazed at the extraordinary happenings at The Option Institute. What I observe happening to others and what I feel happening to myself are truly gifts. One rarely provides oneself the opportunity and luxury of delving into such fundamental issues as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is my purpose in life?’ Here, I was not only provided that opportunity,  but stretched in ways that both allowed and lovingly pushed me to analyze parts of me I have previously kept buried deep within.  You have provided the perfect environment for growth, peace, and joy. Thank you all.

– Bob Allcorn, Attorney/Mediator, New Jersey

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