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Bears Kaufman

“Bears is the greatest teacher and mentor I’ve ever experienced. I love how he can pursue an individual’s seemingly personal and isolated issues and transform them into a learning experience for the entire class. I also love how he can take any topic and amplify it to a level where all the facets become clear. Bears, you’re the best.”

Mark Tuomenoksa, Consultant, MA

“Bear’s flame is higher than ever-his passion and commitment to the Institute and the Option Process burning ever more brightly. I can’t always keep up! What an amazing sharp mind.”

Hope Tilton, Artist, VT

“I love you Bears! It is fabulous to have you facilitate an entire week with what seems like limitless passion, energy and enthusiasm. I love how you make connections between all different kinds of class material, stretching the imagination and relating unrelated comments to how we may live our lives. I love how you can take the class so quickly and expertly from one direction to another, whether it is a humorous to a serious moment or a recurring on a tangential topic.”

Rachel Jacobson, Psychology And Neuroscience Student, United Kingdom

“Awesome! Bears, your passion, integrity, playfulness, openness, and authenticity are why I was drawn to the Option process, and I am newly inspired by you. Thank you!”

John Rasmussen, Electrical Engineer, Canada

“I love Bears. His passion, commitment, love, and authenticity are always present. He gives 100% of himself (maybe 200%) all of the time. I choose to always feel loved and pushed in his classes to dig deeper into myself in the knowledge that it helps me live my life in a more loving and happy place.”

Barbara Beckmeyer, Faculty Tech Consultant, CA

“I respect your integrity and willingness to go the distance. Presence, humor, wanting the best for us, being outrageous and creative. Your ability to make everything important and meaningful. I have learned so much from you about how to be in my own power. Thank you.”

Honey Friedman, Chiropractor, NY

“Absolutely amazing-a genius at blowing up stimulus lovingly and playfully so that a participant can see their stuff if they so choose. And he is always there to help that participant process the stuff (beliefs) that come up. And thank you Bears for being very patient with me and specifically helping me by actually reminding me to look inward when my tendency is to blame.”

Jan Sanbora, Teacher, WA

“Your talent to expand and challenge our thinking in a playful, thought provoking and inspiring way is mind-boggling! You are model, teacher and friend who I am so grateful to be able to continue to learn from.”

Molly Burke, Law Student And Son-Rise Teacher, MN

“I continue to be in awe of how Bears tickles us into creating a rich tapestry of sharings about our experiences and provides us opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to create for ourselves ahahs!”

Martin Krag, Physician, VT

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