Wake Up! With Bears

& Samahria

A Fast-Paced and Dynamic Program
for the Intermediate Student*

*(Prior attendance of one of our week-long programs is required to register)

Wake Up! Is not like any program you’ve taken before and is certain to captivate your mind and help you LIVE BIG whether you’ve taken 1 or 100 programs with us!

In this off-curriculum based program, the lead teacher, (Bears Kaufman, Option Institute Co-Founder) will create different focuses and group dynamics as each segment unfolds. Learn how to move through an often challenging world with new ease and comfort! Come ready and dedicated to being super present and hyper alert so you can keep up with the pace of this program.

If you love Bears’ off-curriculum, fast-paced, challenging group-dynamics style but don’t yet have all of the prerequisites for Wide Awake, this is the perfect program for you!

Are you ready to Wake Up?


Take this special time for yourself to:

  • Create clear direction and purpose in the key areas of your life
  • Uncover and discard limiting beliefs which hold you back from seeing who you are and creating the best version of yourself
  • Enjoy highly experiential classes that allow you to see the world in a whole new light
  • Clarify your beliefs through playful yet challenging dynamics and discussions
  • Everyday you’ll have an opportunity to form more positive views of yourself in the world

Reviews of The Lead Teacher, Bears:

Bears really puts love into action. He cares about how each of us shows up and is so insightful and perceptive about what each could look at to effect the most beneficial changes. I will be forever grateful for his honesty and daring in being a loving teacher. What a gift to have such an effective model.”

Suzanne McAndrews

Mom, New York

Bears consistent, persistent, playful way of loving and challenging us NEVER gets old. I love the way his brain works. I love that he can say one word or raise one eyebrow and have me thinking thoughts that were never there before. Bears continuously invites me to grow and change. (If I want to) and never judges my decision. To date- he has been my life’s greatest teacher. My love and gratitude to him is endless….

Wendy Edwards

Pediatrician, Canada

A student of love and happiness, Bears has grown to be a master teacher of the ins and outs of what is involved with love, happiness, unhappiness, change, living, dying, dancing and laughing! How to be a human (happily or sadly is my choice). He has mastered teaching that keeps you on your toes and changes your life. Thank You, Bears.

Ted McCarthy

Physician, Maine

Bears is love. He practices what he preaches-he lives his word and is an inspiration and guide to us all. I love how gentle yet probing, quick witted and playful he is. Classes with him are insightful and provokes our thinking. I see him as masterful in his teaching-how he creates dynamics in the class that seem spontaneous, yet I believe carefully instructed for our benefit.

Elena Caffentizis

Speech Pathologist, New York

Bears is always at the top of his game. Superb and amazing in every way. Ability to be so thoroughly present, loving, creating and tapping into so many issues. It is off the charts.

Al Appelman

Executive Business Consultant, Georgia

Bears is feisty, fun and focused. Loving and trusting himself makes his teaching seem intuitive and nearly magical. There is no where he is afraid to go and the result is an intimate, safe and enthralling environment that fosters growth.

Mary Church

Business Owner, Indiana

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BOGO – Buy One, Get One ½ off

Wake Up! With Bears & Samahria
June 14 - 19, 2020
Offer expires Feb 24th, 2020.

Call to Register: 413-229-2100

When you register for Wake Up! With Bears & Samahria at full price, you will receive a second Fearless program for 1/2 price. Discount only valid when both programs are booked at the same time.